I know I promised pictures of an alternative Valentines Day Dress, but it is so cold here, and cloudy at the moment.  I just don't want to put Olivia outside on days like this.  So I thought I will show you another item that I made during my Christmas break.  This top was made specifically with my niece and daughter in mind.  I made Olivia these denim ruffle pants back in October, and yes they are available in my shop.  It is a new denim fabric that I received in four colors - green, grey, black and brown.  She loves these pants, and wore them with all kinds of Christmas outfits during the Fall months.  I wanted to make her something new, and was inspired by some fabrics that I had just added to my new website KINDERKOUTUREFABRIC .  I noticed immediately that they would be a perfect match to the green pants, so I designed a new top.  Want to order?  Just click HERE

I used an old time favorite pattern of mine from Tie Dye Diva - Ashbury Peasant Top.  Yes I did make some changes, but overall the pattern is the same.  I made the skirt a bit fuller, and added a sash.  I also added ruffles to the hem of the sleeve.  This time I decided to use a size 6 on this pattern, but the sleeves were still too tight.  So I will alter the pattern to allow for a larger armhole, and viola, a perfect pattern.  The reason I love this peasant dress is because the bodice does not look like she is wearing a big potato sack.  I also love the way the neckline is cut.  In general I use this pattern over and over again.

comp1And just for laughs, because I was too lazy to wash and iron the black pant today......I decided to photoshop the same picture and show you what the top would look like if she wore a black pant instead of the green.   I really cannot decide which one I like better.  LOL.  It is nice to know she has both options.



Hi Kim,
I looked at the pattern again, and it says that the pattern is from Tie Dye Diva and Monkeysbug – so go figure. I just know that I ordered it from YCMT.com
The sash consists of three pieces all cut at 3×30″ inches. Two of them I sew into sashes. The third one is folded in half, wrong sides together and sewn onto the front bodice (cutting off the excess of course). Then I add the first two sashes to the side seams.

Oct 15, 2016

Kim Wilkes:

I have question about the pattern you referenced here. You said it was the Ashbury top by Tie Dye Diva. I went to their website and they don’t have a pattern by that name. The peasant pattern I found is called Peasant Twirl Dress. I did find a pattern called the Ashbury Peasant Top by Monkeysbug. I was wondering which one of these patterns you used for this top in today’s blog? Both look similar to the top here, but one has tiers which this top does not. I love this top! Once again, you’re the best!!! Also, when you sew on a sash, do you sew the sash itself and then sew it on top of the bodice after you have sewn the gathered skirt onto the bodice? That’s what it looks like here. Or do you sew one edge of the sash to the bodice and then gather the skirt onto the bottom edge of the sash? Then do you sew the back ties themselves and then sew them to teh bodice as you sew the side seams matching it to the sash in the front or do you have the sash as one long piece and sew it on separately after the top is completed? I hope these questions make sense? This question also pertains to that Pinkalicious dress where you have the knit bodice sewn to a woven skirt? When and how do you attach that sash? Same as the peasant top? Thanks for your help as always!!!

Oct 15, 2016

Kim Wilkes:

Awesome!! Thanks for the info!!! Very helpful!!!

Oct 15, 2016

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