Halloween GIVEAWAY

Time to do a GIVEAWAY....and this time we will host the whole thing right here on the Kinderkouture blog.....of course FACEBOOK fans are welcome to participate, as are instagram, pinterest followers, and all those lovely tweeters.

PRIZE: Cassie Dress (size 6mos-8)

(if you have already bought the Cassie Dress, you will get a credit or refund towards your dress, so go ahead and enter).

Duration: September 17th - September 21st midnight

Winner will be announced Monday Morning.

Necklace and Flower not included.

Rules: Each time you follow one of the below mentioned rules, you can add your name to the Raffle (multiple entries are permitted, but we will check each one, especially if your name is chosen as the winner.)

1. MANDATORY: Leave a comment on the blog .  Let us know what your child is wearing for Halloween. 2. SHARE our FB picture on your wall (must be public so we can check - no private shares, and only once a day)  Link is HERE. 3. SHARE the featured image in PINTEREST. 4. LIKE our Instagram page: kinderkouture 5. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter (members already on the list will not count). 6. TWEET about this GIVEAWAY and link us KINDERKOUTURE, so we can follow. 7. TAG your friends on FB (at least 5 friends per entry). LINK:


  • Oops! email is miriah.jacobberger@gmail.com

    Miriah Jacobberger
  • Lulu will be Maleficent!!! :)

    Miriah Jacobberger
  • My daughter will be Ariel. LOVE your dresses and photos :)

    Deborah Koch
  • My daughter wants to be toothless, the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.

    Melinda Lemas
  • One grandchild will be frozen, one a strawberry, one a ninja turtle and oldest has no clue

    Paula Brown

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