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I am delighted to introduce to you the new GIRL CRAZY TUNIC and some much needed pants for the upcoming FALL season.  IMG_1273



So, first of all let me just say that I love classic clothing with a modern twist.  I also love bright fun colors.  So please forgive me if I continue to show you some fun girly colors.  The sun is still shining, and the temperatures are very warm, so I just cannot jump into the browns and reds just quite yet.  However, this top was made specifically for a sister outfit.  It was meant to be worn on an older child that would prefer a top vs. a dress.  Here you can see both items placed together.  Now how cute would that be for a photograph, or a birthday party?


We love the bodice on both of these dresses, but prefer to stick to pieces we can layer for the next few months.  On the bottom, we added BLACK DENIM RUFFLE PANTS and a GREY DENIM RUFFLE PANT.   The ruffle pants will also be available in other colors, such as blue denim, brown twill, green twill (which can be seen here). I will post about the pants later on this week.  Tomorrow we will show you this top with leggings in an aqua chevron as well.  As you can see there are plenty of options  available for this lovely top.  The Pink Tonal Chevron Double Ruffle Leggings would also look great with this top.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.03.50 PM


As usual, I ask you to contact me if you have any special requests.  In the meantime, thanks for looking at my website, and continuiously being a supportive friend to me and my family.


  • Posted On October 15, 2016 by Shannon Fox

    Love it! My six (almost seven) year old daughter is not big on sashes and ruffles either. I appreciate so much that this is still ADORABLE, but a little more mature. Can’t wait to look through the site and come up with some goodies that my daughter and I can both agree on!

  • Posted On October 15, 2016 by Jeannine

    Thank you Kim. I had a few comments about the pants not being a perfect match. I based this design on what children wear to school, and almost all of them wear denim or jeans. IMHO, jeans go with every color. LOL. I really love this easy care design. Olivia has gotten picky about what she will and will not wear. No more sashes, ruffles, ect……She loves this design. I am glad you like it too.

  • Posted On October 15, 2016 by Kim Wilkes

    SO darling, Jeannine!! Love the colors and the ruffle pants and the style!!!

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