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February 27, 2014


This is an updated picture of the BLOSSOM Dress.  Isn't it cute?  I assume that the first pictures I took with Olivia did not really reveal the true colors of this gorgeous dress.  I love the light tones of apricot and aqua.  It is a beautiful combination.  This dress is still available for shipping before Easter.

Speaking of ship dates, I thought I should go a bit into detail about my methods.  First of all, I like to get measurements from my customers.  I would prefer to double check if the fit is perfect.  I don't need your child's length or weight.  This does not determine a good fit.  A chest measurement or waist measurement on the other hand, will really help.  I often tell my customers to order the size you would normally buy in a store.  For example, I buy Olivia a size 5T.  It is always a bit big in the waist, but the length is great.  Once you order your size, email me ( your child's measurements (chest and recommended dress length from shoulder to knee).  I will then include these notes in your order, and when I get to it, I will make sure the pattern and size you ordered is correct.  Most of the time......... it usually works out.  Another important thing to remember is that the measurements should be tight.  Don't add an inch here or there.  The pattern usually will take care of the ease in the dress.  Am I confusing you?  Then my advice is to trust me.


I know that trust doesn't come easy anymore when you buy things online.  I hear the stories.  This is why I felt it necessary to explain how I do things, so hopefully many of my customers....will learn that I do a thorough job with my sewing.   I know there are a lot of shortcuts, and believe me I know there are a lot of seamstresses who are creating 100 dresses a month that are using these shortcuts.  I do not.  My buttons are double stitched, my ruffles are made using a special foot, which gathers the material evenly.  My seams are sewn and topstitched using a professional and industrial strength machine.


 I always try to do things the way I was taught.  I learned how to tailor clothing, before I started to make children's clothing.  I test most of my garments on my child before bringing them to my shop.  Olivia even jumps on the trampoline for hours in many of her dresses and pants.  A great way to test the durability of these patterns and dresses.  LOL.  I will not apologize for the fact that my garments may take 4 weeks to ship.  I prefer to do things right, or not at all.  I started working at 6:30am this morning, and my days ahead won't stop until about 9:30pm.  I think that should be considered hard work.     I will get your garment done, but please don't rush me if you don't really have a deadline.  You won't like the shortcuts, and I want to keep you as a customer.   Many of my customers/friends have been shopping with me for 3-5 years.  If they disappear, they always come back.  Nothing else matters to me.  Just because I could make an extra $1000 this month, money is not enough of a motivator to make me change my methods.  I am proud of my business and happy doing what I do.  Ok, enough of my babble.....I have Easter dresses to create......

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NB 16-17” 11”
3MOS 17-18” 12”
6MOS 18-19” 13.5”
12MOS 20” 15-16”
18MOS 20.5” 16-17”
2T 21” 17-18”
3T 22” 22”
4T 22.5” 23”
5 23” 24”
6 24” 25”
7 25” 26”
8 26” 27”
10 28” 28”
12 30” 29.5”