Picnic Skirt

Every year around this time, I decide to make some skirts.  This year things have been a bit busy for me, but my daughter reminded me that she wanted more skirts to wear to school.  So, as I was cleaning up my Spring/Summer fabrics......I decided to pull some that I thought would be perfect for skirts. 4660396498_efd1b91190_o 4971443631_36762fe23e_o 4982660429_841a773f12_o 4998058315_781178696d_o These are some old pictures I found yesterday of skirts I have made in the past, so I am trying to duplicate them with other fabrics.  Do you have a favorite?  We liked all of them, and wore them until they did not fit anymore.  In any case, I am happy that she chooses to wear a skirt over her shorts.  She always looks so cute and "girly". The Picnic Skirt is the first skirt I made.  It can be worn with an adorable t-shirt, a sweater, or even a jeans jacket.  I love the red combined with the aqua, and the floral print is bright and cheerful.  The crochet flower is also available to match the skirt.  I bought both cardigans at Target, and no they are not for sale.  All I did was  add some red polka dot trim to the red hoodie to make it look a bit more special.  You can buy the skirt and flower here.........[button title="Picnic Skirt" url="http://www.kinderkoutureclothing.com/product/picnic-skirt/" style="small filled"].  Tomorrow I will add another skirt to the site, so stay tuned. compositionpicnicskirt


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