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Hi Everyone!
It is really unbelievable.  Easter is right around the corner.  Hard to believe.  Yup, we are booked through the most of the month of March.  We have actually spaced out our dresses so that we can add a few last minute dresses to our schedule.  The only thing I cannot control is the USPS, and for the first time in 15 years, that has me a bit worried.  I would recommend anyone needing a last minute dress needs to pay for Priority Mail, or else they may be disappointed if their package does not arrive.


We have enough fabric to finish off most of the dresses.  We did sell out of the Yellow Daffodil Easter Dress.  I may be able to squeeze one more dress out of the bolt, so if you want a smaller size just email us at kinderkouture@gmail.com.

Be sure to take a look at our EASTER LOOKBOOK if you want to see pretty pictures of all of our Easter designs. 
Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.  Sorry to be so short, but we have lots of work to do.

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