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November 07, 2018 1 min read

I am so pleased how these pictures turned out, even though I am no pro when it comes to studio lighting.  I tried.....believe me.....I tried.  In the end I got my 5 great shots, and I guess I should be happy.  What I am really excited about is this dress.  


The Dakota dress is soooooo perfect for Fall.  The colors, the fabric, and yes I am particuliarly fond of the design.  I don't usually add sleeves to my dresses, because I like layering, but after many requests, I decided to add the sleeves.  You may also notice that the model is wearing a somewhat shorter version of our dress, but she just started walking, and many of the dresses were getting in her way.  LOL.  I know that some clients often request the shorter "spanish"-dress versions, and I am happy to oblige.  Otherwise, I stick to the size guide that is available on every product page of my website. 


On another note, I also wanted to mention that this dress has a navy blue stripe along with the orange and green plaid.  I think this dress would look really cute with a pair of blue jean leggings to dress it down if you need some other ideas about what to do with the dress.  Pair it up with a pair of navy blue suede boots.  Lots of precious fashion ideas.


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