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October 10, 2018

Yes, I realize I am late getting these pictures.......and yes I realize that I should have done this a month ago......but....but....but.....It's hard being a one woman show sometimes.....LOL....but the pictures are soooooooo cute.  Just look.

Our Pretty Little Pumpkin Dress is very cute, and as you can see it looks great on a little girl, especially our little model Macy.  I have been photographing her since she was a baby, and she is growing into such a beautiful little girl.  I love this age.  All girls want to look like a princess at this age.  

I will also be photographing a little baby, but due to Hurricane Michael we have been a bit delayed.  Yes, we live between Destin and Pensacola, so this hurricane barreled right towards us.  Thank goodness, all we got was a rainy day and the storm stayed far to the west of us.  The only problem with these storms is that you spend a ton of time preparing for it, which means you stand in lines for gas, groceries, money, etc.......It does get rather old, but better safe then sorry.

At the moment, we have this dress priced at $58, and we will continue to offer it through this week.  It is adorable and sweet, and worth every penny you will spend for your daughter or granddaughter.  As you can see, BOO-tiful!

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