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Indian Summer

Indian Summer - Kinder Kouture

I hope I did a good job in capturing the beautiful colors in this dress, because they are truly bright, but also breathtaking.  I am not sure what came over me, I just could not decide which color I liked best, so I tried to add them all.  I realize the orange makes a louder then normal statement, but I am just not ready to follow the fashion trends, and offer only drab colors.  Children love color.  Children look great in color.  Why dress them up like their parents?  Sometimes, I have to break my own rules, and go with my gut.

The Indian Summer dress is another classic style dress in a gorgeous variety of colorful japanese fabrics.   The bodice buttons in the back, and includes small sashes that will tie in the back or the front.  The dress is fully lined, and I am offering the option to add flutter sleeves. 

I can only offer a handful of these dresses, due to the fact that the bolt does not include more then 10 yards of fabric.  The orange Lecien fabric is no longer available from the manufacturer, so this makes the dress even more remarkable and unique.   


I also put together a small matching headband, for those you that like to order matching accessories.  It comes with a knit headband that fits all sizes from baby to teenage girls.  

Now that I have finished two new dresses, I have a few orders to fill, and then I will hopefully find some time this week to photgraph these lovelies.  It has been raining here nonstop in Florida, so it may have to wait a few more days.  Thanks for keeping up with my journal, and hopefully I will have more to show this week.

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