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    I am so excited to show you some modeled pictures of our Christmas Plaid Dress.  Our model did a fantastic job, and all of her excitement for Christmas and Santa  set the mood for a perfect shoot.  Santa, I think she deserves something special this year.
    A few years ago, I was inspired by some Spanish sewing that I found through several of my fashion blogs that I follow.  The Spanish are very traditional, and love anything hand sewn and heirloom.  I could not help myself, and felt the need to create a babydoll dress.
    An old-fashioned Fall Dress perfect for so many ages, and perfect for the upcoming Fall season.  Take a look at our baby modeled pictures.
    Plaid is all the rage this year.  How about a vintage orange and green plaid dress for Thanksgiving?
    I am a little biased when it comes to seeing a baby in a Kinder Kouture dress.  Are you?  She is 11mos. old, and just starting to stand.  Oh my that brings back such lovely memories.
    Each year, I keep updating my photography skills.  Here are some newly edited pictures of our model wearing the Pretty Santa Dress.
    I have had the pleasure of photographing Macy since she was a baby.  Now she is turning 4, and what a lovely little girl she has become.  Today she models the Pretty Pumpkin Dress.
    Our Lookbook for the Indian Summer Dress and Poppy Dress.  Come see our latest Fall releases.
    Indian Summers are beautiful.   The colors of sunsets, and desert moons are what inspired me to make this gorgeous dress.
    When the summer temperatures hit 100, but you want to shop for FALL, what should you do?  How about choosing a gorgeous orange POPPY Dress?  Come take a look...
    Imagine the sweetest floral print....subtle, romantic and full of color.  Come see what we made for this little birthday girl.