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Berry Beautiful Dress

We are so excited to announce the launch of one of the cutest holiday dresses.....drumroll please......Berry Beautiful Dress.

 I fell in love with this beautiful vintage style holiday print the moment I saw it, and I am so happy that it arrived on time for the 2019 season.  

The combination of these lovely red tones and creamy beiges are just beautiful.


I combined these fabrics together, added layers of ruffles, and a touch of lace and crocheted embellishments to give the dress a bit of flair, and yet stick to a classic pattern that will wear well for years to come.  I am such a big fan of reds.  They go so well with almost every skin color and hair color.  The child that is so lucky to wear this dress will surely turn heads.

I am asked a lot about sleeves.......so here are my thoughts about why I tend not to offer sleeves on most of our dresses.  First of all, I always think of my customers first.  Some of you live in the north, and some in the south.  Some get a very hot Christmas, and some get a very cold Christmas.  In either case, a sleeveless dress will work to both of your benefit.  With a sleeveless dress, you can find a blouse, a tshirt, or a turtleneck that can be worn underneath, or in some cases, a sweater will due.  No matter what, a sleeveless dress can be dressed up or down based on how you add products and accessories.  I can add sleeves to the dress, but I prefer to offer the sleeveless dress version in most cases. 

In the following days, I hope to have matching hair accessories made for this dress.  So stay tuned.  There will also be a sister dress available.   

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