Happy Fall!

Hard to believe that we already have the beginning of Fall.  Where has the time gone?   Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, but then again I do find something exciting in all seasons.  My first clue that Fall is not far away is seeing the young squirrels playing with acorns.  So many young ones running from yard to yard.  I love it.  Here in Florida, the temperatures are still very warm, and it does not look like cooler temperatures will reach us for quite some time.  So you won't see anyone wearing long-sleeves or coats around here.

Obviously many of you knew that Fall was coming, and have been keeping me very busy sewing up Halloween, Fall and lots and lots of baptism dresses...LOL.  Maybe you can understand why I like to make so many sleeveless dresses for Fall fashion.  It is all about layering.  Here are a few examples of what we have for Fall, and what is selling.

Girls Pretty Pumpkin Halloween Dress

Pretty Pumpkin Dress

Jenny Dress

Fox and Friends Dress

I really have been busy, and I apologize for not blogging more often.  I have teenagers now.  You may think I am joking, but I remember a friend once saying to me "Just wait until they are teenagers.  You think you are busy now, you have no idea."  At the time I had two toddlers.  I really thought it was a bit of an exaggeration, but I spend every free minute I have doing something with the kids. There seems to be no free "me-time" right now after work is done, and I drive the kids all over the world for activiites.  

I guess I just need to find my balance again, and I will.

 I just received all of our new Christmas fabrics.....so that will be my next blog rambling.  Stay tuned....and be sure to check out our calendar, and how busy we are.


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