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Sunshine Strawberry Creamy Flutter Dress

Sunshine Strawberry Creamy Flutter Dress - Kinder Kouture

Let's start with the first dress I made in this lovely yellow and red strawberry collection.  It is a new pattern from Little Lizard King.  I named the dress Sunshine Strawberry Creamy Flutter Dress. The funny thing about this dress is that once I finished the dress, and put it on my mannequin - I did not like it.  I thought the bodice was too small, and I did not like the curves in the front of the bodice......


This is me laughing right now because once our model stepped into the room wearing the dress, everyone's mouth just dropped.  She looked fantastic, and I realized that although my first intuition was correct - to pick this pattern - my discontent about the pattern was totally WRONG!

I really need to trust my gut!  I also loved the fact that these girls were so happy to get a new dress.  They all did a great job of modeling and they looked fantastic.

I love everything about this pattern.  It has a tiered skirt, so nothing clings to the body, and there is a lot of twirl.   Perfect for the summer heat, and the little girl that loves to feel like a princess.  The flutters protect her shoulders from the sun, and they look adorable.  The dress has an elasticized back bodice, so just slip it over her head, and she is ready to go.  Everything about this pattern was perfect.