Tis the Season.....

Tis the season.....for a lot of cuteness...are you ready?
We finally got a free moment to photograph our precious BERRY BEAUTIFUL Dress on this cute as a button 20 month old model.  What a delight to photograph her!  She has a ton of personality.  Not only did she tell me how pretty her dress was, but she told me how pretty she was!  I loved it.  Such a joy to be a part of this little girls life, and capturing these beautiful moments for her parents.
Honestly, as much as I love taking these pictures of our dresses on little girls or big girls, and showing our customers how precious they look, there is something else that also motivates me.  I want to see how the patterns wear, and how each and every design detail looks after a toddler puts it to the test.  I was pleased for example how full the skirt looked without any pettiskirt under the dress.  I was also pleased how cute the dress looked without a t-shirt and how beautiful it looked with the t-shirt.  So for our friends in the north, and in the south, this dress can and will look adorable on your little cutie.  I am also sure that if you can find a red sweater, that this too will look beautiful with the lace collar.
Last but not least, now that my muscles all ache from jumping up and down trying to catch that perfect shot......I hope you enjoy the pictures and enjoy watching this very adorable model do her best to show off her new dress.

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