Tween Style

If you have a teenage girl - or tween - you know how hard it is to find a dress that suits both her and you....the mom.   Believe me when I say, I face the same dilemma each and every time we have to dress her up.   It is a battle that I face all the time, ever since my little girl turned 11.  

Many times, even after I make something specifically for my daughter, she still snubs her nose, and wishes to go shopping instead.  Well moms, grab your purse.  My advice is to take her shopping.  Our shopping trips always result in the same thing.....dresses that are too big, too long, or never ever the right color.  The key is to get your daughter to see that maybe mom's ideas are really not so bad.  Why fight it?


Here is another bit of advice......have her photographed.  It is amazing what a pretty picture can do for your little girl.  It will boost her self-esteem, and help her to feel confident when she walks into a room wearing your dress.  LOL.


I finally got around to listing another teen dress on the website today.....Tween/Teen Wild Bouquet Dress .  It is a simple, classic style dress in a gorgeous Tanya Whelan fabric.  I added small ties to the back of the dress, to accentuate the waistline, and kept the bodice simple and sweet.  I also kept the length somewhat shorter on this dress, since it helps lengthen their legs, and is so in style right now.

The dress is available in three colors, and three fabrics.  Available in sizes 6Y-14. HAPPY SHOPPING!


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