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What's New?

What's New? - Kinder Kouture

I have been running this shop for 11 years, and as much as I pride myself in my ability to organize my thoughts, and my projects, I seem to always run into the same problems around Easter and Christmas.  EEEEEEEEEEEE!  I have so many wonderful fabrics to share with you, and no time to accomplish the beautiful dresses I have sewn in my head. LOL.

As usual, the orders just keep coming, and my customers come first.  The only time I will take to design is an hour or two late in the evening to make some new hair accessories.  There are times when I just cannot stand up anymore, and my back needs a break.  This is when I grab my supplies, and relax with the kids and my hubby.


It always makes me so happy to make something that is delicate and beautiful.  These hair accessories will look beautiful combined with our dresses.  They are small, and will lend a finished touch to your daughter's outfit.  Trust me.