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April 14, 2020 2 min read

I know I am a bit late, but my thoughts and wishes remain the same.  I hope everyone had a wonderful happy and relaxing Easter weekend.  As strange as this may all feel, I am so proud of everyone.  Staying at home with children is hard work.  Not seeing our loved ones is hard.  Not being able to do things like we always have is hard.  And yet, I think about the doctors, nurses, firemen, police, grocery store clerks, postal workers, ups drivers, etc. and it reminds me that all this hard work is worth it.  Even spending Easter alone is really worth it.  We are all in this together.

I have actually been a bit jealous of all my "mommy" friends who have enjoyed time with their children in these last few weeks.  I have heard stories about all the wonderful crafts that they do, the games they play, and all the baking that is going on.  Enjoy it, and take the time to make some memorable moments.  If that is the one good thing  that comes out of this pandemic, then hallelujah.   I have been working so hard, that I have had no time with the kids.   I finished the last Easter dress on Friday, and overnighted it to a lovely family in Florida.  Then I spent Saturday and Sunday shopping and cooking. I finally crashed on Monday morning, and barely lifted a finger all day.  I called it my 'Easter Monday".  I just needed a day off.  Nothing to do.  Playing with kids,  baking some cookies, working on a puzzle and just relaxing.  It was wonderful.  So yes, I too had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I missed our family and friends, but I was thankful for all that we had at that moment.

Easter is my favorite season, and I really love what I do, and I wanted to take a moment to say.......

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers. 

We enjoyed a very successful Easter season this year in spite of Covid-19 and so many festivities being cancelled.  The comments and feedback were just wonderful.  It really touches my heart, and I appreciate each and every word.   Here are just a few pictures I got from you.

Daffodil Easter Dress Modeled customer

 Thank you again, and please stay safe and healthy.  

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