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Heirloom Bunny Blooms

Heirloom Bunny Blooms - Kinder Kouture

Precious Forever 

I am so excited to have finally finished this lovely new heirloom Bunny Blooms Dress in a size 12-18mos.  As I said in my last blog post, these new embroidery dresses are so special.  A lot of work went into the designs, and each one of them will be different, but it was worth every second of hard work.   My husband warned me about the consequences of the embroidery work, but I just could not help myself.  I mean there really is no comparison to Machine embroidery, right?  The hand embroidery just makes this dress so special, and so sweet.  I am in love.


So sweet!

Combined with this beautiful bunny print, I just think this is the prettiest Easter Dress I have designed in 15 years.  I wish my little girl could wear it, but I am afraid those years are over.  So enjoy these wonderful moments while you can.  

More to come!

I will be making another dress like this in a size 6-12mos.  As I said before, the embroidery design will be different, but I think it will be just as beautiful.  If you have any requests, please let me know.  I can only make about 5-6 dresses, but I am willing to work with my customers.  Let me know what you think.



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