More Embroidery Fun


Taking a small break this morning to write about all the lovely things I have been working on  this month.  These are just a few of the hand embroidery samples we made combined with matching fabrics that we will post for Easter.  They are gorgeous right?  I mean how girly, and sweet, right? This yellow and white polka dot fabric is also available in pink and white fabrics.  I envision this combination on a toddler, or an older girl.  So precious.

 Bunny Fun...


This embroidery includes a small bunny and lots of beautiful blooms.  The fabric is new, and I cannot wait to make some Easter dresses with this lovely print.  I love to design, but time just escapes me when I am so busy.  So on that note, I will just say goodbye, and get back to work.  Stay tuned for more beautiful girl dress ideas for Easter.  I just love this season.

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