September is here!

It's truly hard to believe how fast this summer has just come and gone.  A part of me is excited to see a change in temps, and the new fall colors, but I must admit that I am terribly fond of making summer dresses.  I wish I had more time to make up some of the late summer fabrics that arrived in August, but alas I think it is time to move on.

Let's discuss is what I found for Fall 2020


Dreamy colors.  Don't you agree? I just love so many of these colors.   Of course, most of you know that I love bright colors on little girls, but I also love to capture the Feel of a season.  Fall reminds us all of the changing of leaves, acorns, pumpkins, squash, cooler temps, and lots and lots of festive events.  So here is what I can offer. 

Beautiful shades of burnt orange, sienna brown and mustard yellows.  Everything that reminds us of Fall and Thanksgiving, and all those lovely family friendly moments.  Acorns and leaves changing colors, squirrels, and deer, pumpkin and squash.  Lots of pretty things to think about.

Next we will have some softer tones, for those of you that prefer to stay away from the seasonal trends. This is a Kinder Kouture traditional style of dress.  Lovely vintage style floral blooms in soft pastel colors.  Nothing loud.  We will be replacing the Summer Blooms Isabella with Finnley.  


Last but not least, an even softer set of fabrics that I fell in love with this Spring.  Remember I have to preorder these fabrics in January and February.  Thank goodness I have a crystal ball!  That would be wonderful, right?  I always choose the fabrics that have the right details, the print, the quality, and the colors.  So I hope I made a good choice. 

I envisioned this lovely dress for both the end of summer all the way through Fall.  Combined with a pair of brown boots, or stockings and brown shoes.  As always I will choose a design to layer over a blouse, or long-sleeve shirt.  I decided to replace our Fox and Friends dress, since this dress is almost SOLD OUT!  As adorable as it is, I agree we need to replace it.  I will offer this dress in various colors - brown/mint, brown/apricot, and white/brown/mint and white/brown/apricot.  It will be cute.


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