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The sign says "VACATION TIME", but as soon as you walk into our sewing room, you would know how busy we have been trying to catch up on all of our orders.   WHEW!  What a busy and crazy year this has been!   And in the middle of all of this craziness, I have two teenagers that just love to tell me how bored they are twenty to thirty times a day.  We miss our sense of normalcy around here, and yes we miss our summer vacation.  Summer just is not the same without it.  Oh heck, I am not the same without it.  Thank goodness, we live in Florida, and we can entertain the children on the weekend with some pool and beach fun.  Otherwise, I would be pulling out my hair right about now.

There have not been many "smiley-face" moments this year, so I thought I would show you some of the cuteness we have been creating here at Kinder Kouture.  

This is our Nikita Dress, and it is one of our faves this summer.  It has a classic bodice, and buttons in the back.  No sash, but lots of twirl and ruffles, and of course a ton of color.  The print used in this dress is a swirly paisley with large floral hearts.  It is too adorable for words.  Honestly, I want this dress.

We are beginning to run low on stock with this dress, so be sure to visit our NIKITA DRESS on our website soon, and grab your dress while you can.  This dress can definitely be worn both in the Spring and Summer as well as in the Fall seasons.  It is a great layering piece to have in your girl's closet.  Enjoy!

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