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Baby Lily




I finally finished this little baby outfit and named it Baby Lily(only because it helps me to identify the fabric I used….LOL).  These cute little ruffle diaper covers pair up perfectly with a simple top allowing those ruffles to sneak out beyond the hemline of the shirt.  The top has some cute lace attached to the flutter  and a small bow (sewn down)attached to the front for extra details.  I think it is also important to mention, that unlike many other boutiques who are offering the same type of diaper covers, I prefer to finish off the seams of each ruffle with a rolled hem stitch.   A rolled hem can go through numerous washes without the fabric raveling and falling apart.  I also topstitch over the top seam of the first ruffle.  This extra seam covers the unfinished seams, and again strengthens the garment for a long life.  I think it is important to point out why these details are so important when purchasing handmade items, and I hope you agree.  Anyways, both items are sold together as a set in a size 12-18mos. under the category of BABY.  I will be adding more of these sets in due time.  Just trying to finish up the last of my orders before I go on vacation.