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It’s a Bows life

January 18, 2017

2010 First Big Bow Dress

If you are one of those customers, who has asked “Where did you buy that pattern?” then you may know by now that I have a history of redesigning and hacking some of my favorite patterns.  One of them included an A-line dress.

I loved to make A-line dresses for my daughter while she was growing up.     These dresses are just easy to slip on and off a child.    Nobody ever saw the carrot spots underneath our A-line dresses.  I had it all covered (up).  Whether she walked around barefoot in the front yard, or got ready to go on a shopping spree with mommy, our A-lines dresses were our go-to dress all the time.

So when I started Kinder Kouture, I stuck to my most favorite patterns and included some minor design changes.   In this case,  I wanted  a bit more color, a bit more twirl, and something else……like a bow.    Who does not love bows? It is just a girly thing, and I love the design.   Since 2010, we have had this design on our website, and we won’t stop now.   The Big Bow Dress still has a comfortable fit, and it is still beautiful to look at.  What else?  It can be made in any color or fabric combination to suit your style and preference.    Take a look……



This is our bestselling Baby Rose Dress in both blue and pink.


The pink version is our most “liked”, most “pinned” and most visited item on our website.  I love this dress too, but we have sold out of all the fabric.  (tears)

Fortunately, we decided to make a similar dress in a similar fabric, and recreate this gorgeous dress all over again.  So DRUMROLL please……..

Here is our new BABY ROSE DRESS.  It is a beautiful print, and I hope you like it.  Just remember, this design will forever be on our website.  If you love it, but prefer other fabrics, just send me an email: [email protected]  I am sure we can find something you want.

Also in Wordpress

Introducing Bunny Blooms

January 16, 2018

I love to sew, which also means that I have a love for fabric.  Some women collect shoes, and some people collect dishes, but I love the entire creative process of sewing children's clothes.  The moment I see a fabric I like, I immediately have a vision of what the finished product is going to look like. Needless to say, when I was introduced to this gorgeous collection of fabrics through my United Notions rep, I just had to grab it.  Take a look for yourself and you tell me what you think.

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Americana Showcase
Americana Showcase

May 09, 2017

We have more lovely images to show you from our Americana collection. This time our pictures include our beautiful 2 year old model showing you the Big Bow Dress. Come take a look and let us know what you think.

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Let the fireworks begin.

May 07, 2017

My 2017 promise to both my daughter and my customers was to continuously update her wardrobe to include dresses that could be worn by girls ages 9-12. Introducing our newest addition to our Americana collection....Fourth of July Lauren Dress.

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Sizing Chart











NB 16-17in. -  41-43cm 11in - 28cm
3MOS 17-18in - 44-46cm 12in - 31cm
6MOS 18-19in - 46-48cm 13.5in - 35cm
12MOS 20in - 51cm 16in - 41cm
18MOS 20.5in - 52cm 17in - 43cm
2T 21in - 53cm 19in - 48cm
3T 22in - 56cm 20.5in - 52cm
4T 22.5in - 57cm  22in - 56cm
5 23in - 58cm  23.6in - 60cm
6 24in - 61cm 25in - 63.5cm
7 25in - 63.5cm 27in - 69cm
8 26in - 66cm  28in - 71cm
10 28in - 71cm 29.5in - 75cm
12 30in - 76cm 31in - 79cm