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Love Bird Dress

January 05, 2014

Introducing the Love Bird Dress. Inspired by an australian pattern, I decided to make a similiar dress with my own touches.  I am not too fond of putting zippers in baby clothing.  I am sort of an old-fashion heirloom sewist....

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Tropical Punch

August 06, 2013

Yesterday, we finished this one for a client..  I always love the colors of this dress, so I pulled ours out of the closet and had Olivia model it once again.  Do you remember some of the earlier pictures? She...

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Sizing Chart











NB 16-17in. -  41-43cm 11in - 28cm
3MOS 17-18in - 44-46cm 12in - 31cm
6MOS 18-19in - 46-48cm 13.5in - 35cm
12MOS 20in - 51cm 16in - 41cm
18MOS 20.5in - 52cm 17in - 43cm
2T 21in - 53cm 19in - 48cm
3T 22in - 56cm 20.5in - 52cm
4T 22.5in - 57cm  22in - 56cm
5 23in - 58cm  23.6in - 60cm
6 24in - 61cm 25in - 63.5cm
7 25in - 63.5cm 27in - 69cm
8 26in - 66cm  28in - 71cm
10 28in - 71cm 29.5in - 75cm
12 30in - 76cm 31in - 79cm