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May 09, 2017 1 min read

Americana Collection

Bubbles, Lemonade and a walk through the park brought smiles to their faces, as it did ours.  

The Americana collection is complete, and includes a large variety of shorts, tops, and dresses.

When creating this collection, we wanted the clothing to be versatile and cute.  The shorts could be worn with many different tops, and the dresses could be worn throughout the year for many different occasions.

We managed to find two patterns that showcase this gorgeous fabric and includes that special "cute factor" that is important to Kinder Kouture.  Both dresses are comfortable for the summer heat, and come in a variety of sizes.   


Perfect for the summer sun, bare feet and flip-flops, and hot dogs.


Americana Girls Big Bow Dress

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Americana Bum Ruffle Pant

Americana Lauren Dress