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Things are hopping....

Things are hopping.... - Kinder Kouture

We are busy, busy, busy around here at Kinder Kouture.   Running from one corner of our sewing studio to another getting things ready for Easter.  Just the way we like it, and the way it has been done for the last 8 years.   So far so good, and we will be getting everything out on time for Easter (yes I know I may have jinxed myself just now).  Remember if you have any questions about when your order will arrive, just check out our CALENDAR on our website.  We stick to this schedule, and give us a break if we are 1-2 days tardy.  We are working hard, but we also want to deliver you a great product.


On this note, I wanted to take a small break on this sunny Sunday morning and share some cute pictures that were taken by Stefanie Astronaut Photography.  Stefanie and her lovely daughter and friends modeled some of our Easter dresses and I could not be happier with her work.  I am approached by many photographers, and I know real talent when I see it.  She did a fantastic  - no awesome job.  Thanks again Stefanie.  GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY!   So think about visiting her and booking an Easter photoshoot before it is too late.


Girls handmade easter dress. White Bunny Hill dress by Kinder Kouture.

Girls handmade Easter Dress - Bunny Hill White Dress - Size 3

Girls handmade Easter Dress - Bunny Hill White