A little bitty rose.....print.

I was so excited to make this dress for a customer celebrating her daughters birthday. She was turning 3. The client fell in love with the print, just like I did. We combined it with pink and aqua fabrics to give it a bit of pop, and used our favorite flutter sleeve dress pattern.

 The print is a lovely combination of soft floral roses in pink, with small flowers in aqua, yellow and a light green.  

I had a difficult time capturing the print on our model, but believe me I will keep trying.  As you can see, this print is beyond gorgeous.  Sweet, romantic, and colorful.  

As I write this blog post, I have Christmas fabrics arriving each day.  I am sure this will be one of the last summer dresses created for 2018, but as always I will continue to take pictures to show you how wonderful our creations look on little girls of all ages.

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