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April Flutter Dress….Prettier in Pink.

April Flutter Dress….Prettier in Pink. - Kinder Kouture


I cannot go through the season without offering our customers one of our flutter dresses.  It is by far the most popular pattern that we sell.  So without further ado………………Introducing the

Girls April Pink Easter Flutter Dress

We just know you will love our April Pink Easter Dress for its’ classic beauty and delightful bunny print. Embracing so many wonderful details you would want in a girls dress, this combination of creaminess and soft pink tones is a pure delight.  Our April dress features a front bodice embroidery, shoulder frills, and a lined skirt.  Buttons, and waist sash are also attached for an added comfortable fit.

  • Listing is for Dress only.
  • Modelled Dress – Size 3
  • 100% Cotton
  • True to Size
  • Not being restocked
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.
Please note that smaller sizes will have shorter ruffles due to the size of the print. 

I love this dress.  The fabrics are just beautiful and the colors are dreamy.  Trust me the pictures don’t do this dress justice.  Once again we gave this dress a double skirt.  The skirt then becomes fuller, especially due to the additional ruffles attached to both skirts.  The embroidery on the front bodice just gives it a sweeter vintage detail that I am sure we all love.  The ties are small ensuring a more comfortable fit. We just love this vintage style pattern, and seeing that it outsells all my other patterns, we just had to make it available in this gorgeous print.

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