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April is back!

April is back! - Kinder Kouture

You have no idea what it is like to want to write a blog post, but having to exert patience for weeks…….no months.  It is really hard.  No it is excruciating and painful.  I have wanted to blog about these fabrics for months.  Bunnyhill Designs re-released the Lily and Will fabrics.  I was so excited because I love this print.  I admit it was one of my all-time bestselling dresses.  I hoarded them for years in the hopes they would never disappear from my inventory, but they sold out rather quickly.

The good news is that I ordered a lot of this fabric.

The bad news is that they are sold out, and I cannot order anything else.  I am not worried because I did order every color and every fabric that was made available.  Now I just need to get the dresses finished up, and believe me designing a dress that looks spectactular is not always something that gets done in a day.

The first dress I completed is the Easter Classic April DressAn elegant and classic Easter Bunny print that is sure to turn heads at every Easter and Spring event in 2018.   This lovely soft pink mix of cotton fabrics is perfect for your little girl. Please note that sizes NB-6mos. will include a longer skirt since the bunny print is quite large.  Pictures show a size 12-18mos.

My first choice for an Easter Dress is always the classic bodice.  In this case, we decided to make it with a cap sleeve, however you can order it with or without the sleeve.  We included a double skirt, and a large sash that ties in the back.

We also included some matching hairbows for anyone who likes to order matching hair accessories.  The hairbows are very popular, so we decided to just offer these instead of hair accessories.   I am not going to offer boys neckties this year in the bunny fabric (pink plaid and solid pink is available only).   As I mentioned above, once the fabric is sold out, we will not be able to reorder.  So don’t miss this and wait to long to order.  Easter will begin shipping in the first week of February 2018.

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