Dakota - A fall fashion statement!

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I ordered this beautiful orange plaid fabric for a JonJon I made up for boys.  No joke. 

Once upon a time, I thought I could attract as many customers for boy products as I could for little girls.  I wanted to offer a variety of products, but I am sad to say that it never happened.  We offered JonJons  or one-piece boy overalls for Christmas and Summertime, but we only sold a few!!  I know, right??  I get asked about boys clothing all the time, but when it comes down to spending the money, nobody wants to pay these prices for boys, so we dropped this category from our shop. I am so sorry.

Every year, I review fabrics for the upcoming holidays.  Last year, I ordered quite a few plaids for Christmas, but only managed to make up a few dresses.  This year plaids are all the rage.  So, while trying to think of a perfect design for Thanksgiving, I remembered a forgotten orange and green plaid that did not sell, and decided to reinvent my design, and re-release this fabric.

Introducing the Dakota Dress.  Pretty as can be with a vintage flair.  It is a special dress, and I cannot wait to show you modeled pictures once I get a little free time to step away from my sewing machines.  

As requested, I introduced sleeves with this dress, even though I still like the idea of a sleeveless dress best.  It is just more versatile, and allows you to wear a dress more often.  You can always layer a sleeveless dress with t-shirts, blouses, or nothing depending on the weather.  Nevermind, it looks adorable, and you can always request a sleeveless bodice if you want.  I also added lace to the sleeves and the hem, and to give it a really old-fashioned "CUTE AS A BUTTON" statement, I added two small bows to the front bodice.  I also added a corded bias tape around the mid-seam to break up the plaid, and make it pop.  

I keep telling myself to forget all these details so I can offer a cheaper product, but in the end I have to be happy with my designs.  Yes, this is a bit more expensive, and yes it does take me a few more hours to finish the dress, but at the same time it makes a statement.  I love it, and I hope you like it too!

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