Fabric Fetish

Some people collect dishes, and some people collect shoes.  Not me, I have a huge fabric collection.  That doesn't really surprise you does it?  Fabric is my inspiration, my love and why I sew.  Don't get me wrong, I love to sew for the kids, but my passion for fabric was born long before my kids were born.  

Living in Germany, traveling to Italy and Turkey, I got to visit some beautiful quality fabric stores.  I spent two years in Turkey with my husband, who worked on the air force base.  Thank goodness, we lived off base, and I was able to travel and see the country.   The most important thing I learned was that the Turkish people are born craftsmen.  They can make just about anything with their hands, and everything you want for the american dollar.   Just like you see in Cuba, cars from the 50"s and 60's still run because they make the parts themselves.  Carpets are handwoven with silk and wool threads in their garages.  The yarns are all hand dyed.  Whether carpets, hand carved wooden furniture, fabrics, copper pots, or clothing - it is all there.   I visited fabrics stores that had wall to wall fabrics, in what seemed to be old airplane hangers.  On every corner was a tailor willing to make you a suit in a week.  I remember my first trip to a fabric company in Izmir, Turkey.  Their vast displays of silk head scarfs and men's ties were breathtaking.  The bright colors, the thread count, and the designs were just gorgeous.  Many people left that country happy to return home, but I have fond memories of their genuine craftsmanship and kindness.

So as you can see my love for fabric came first, which explains why the moment I see a fabric I love...... I have to have it.  My stash holds many gems, and my next release is one of them. 

I tend to pick a brown, green, or red fabric for the Fall season, but in this case, I was not quite ready to let go of the summer.  I chose this gorgeous orange fabric from Lecien, which is bright and fun.  I have hoarded it for much too long.  


Say hello to our new POPPY DRESS.  It is a classic design, and I chose to combine the fabric with a small pink floral print, making this dress totally girly (just the way I like it).  The backside is buttoned, and dips a bit lower, and the sash can be tied in the front or the back.  This is a one of a kind dress, and I hope you like it.

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