Feeling Blue?….Here is something to smile about.

We are wrapping up our big Easter Dress releases for 2018 today…..(sad emoticon).  Honestly, I could work with these fabrics for the next three months.  I love the colors, the quality, and the print.  If time permits, we may be releasing one more within the next three weeks.  With that being said, I want to reiterate, that we will gladly take any of these fabrics, and apply them to a different pattern as seen on our website.  I would prefer to stick to the patterns that we have already tested because I trust their fit, and most importantly I trust the techniques that these pattern designers implement.

All the APRIL dresses can be found here.  The one pictured above is our

Girls Blue April Easter Lace Dress

I will admit that we decided to pull out a very old pattern from our treasure chest that we used mostly in 2015.  This dress has straps that tie in the back of an elasticized bodice.  The bodice allows for a more comfortable fit, and will allow for growth.  It was perfect for what I wanted, which was to add some of this gorgeous lace to both the shoulders and the hem.  Speaking of lace………….let’s talk lace for a minute.  I am rather picky about quality.  I have seen, held and felt some polyester laces that were as stiff as a piece of paper.  I don’t  like that, and I won’t offer that to my customers.  This lace has a beautiful feel to it.  It is very soft and delicate.  It is the perfect lingerie lace if I had to compare it to others.

I will offer this dress in both the pink and blue fabrics, and no I don’t have a sample of the pink dress yet.   Sorry about that.  We are shipping Easter this week, so my time is somewhat limited.  My first priority is always to my customers that have already placed orders before working on samples.   I also have a daughter who is turning 11 this week, who just got over the flu.  (Crazy-eyed emoticon)  It is a little crazy in our life right now, but how many working mom’s out there can relate?  I am sure we can all compare notes, so I won’t whine. Just wanted to give you an idea on what’s going on in our little life at Kinder Kouture.  Hope everyone enjoys their day, and enjoy this cute easter picture we put together yesterday.

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