Introducing Bunny Blooms


I love to sew, which also means that I have a love for fabric.  Some women collect shoes, clothing, or dishes, but I love the entire creative process of sewing children’s clothes.  The moment I see a fabric I like, I immediately have a vision of what the finished product is going to look like. Needless to say, when I was introduced to this gorgeous collection of fabrics through my United Notions rep, I just had to grab it.  Take a look for yourself and you tell me what you think.


First of all, the colors.  I love the browns and various shades of pink in this collection.  They remind me of a baby’s nursery.  The brown in this fabric is subtle and soft, and so are the pink tones.  Honestly, I would love to have something in this print, or maybe they just remind me of that gorgeous dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman.

So I decided on the first dress, the Bunny Blooms Flutter Dress and the next item was a matching Bunny Blooms Baby Bubble.  

The classic flutter dress includes lots of details, and a sash that ties in the back.  The skirt is tiered, which means it has a lot of fullness.


The baby bubble includes straps that button in the front for comfort and easy access.  It includes a triple layered ruffled bum for lots of cuteness.  The back bodice is elasticized to allow for comfort, and many more adorable details including that lovely big bow in the front.

I love these bubbles, because you can slip them on in the winter months as well as the summer months.  I always had my daughter running around in tights and a onesie during the cooler weather, so adding a bubble or a dress was just part of our routine if we left the house.  In the summer she would usually waddle around the house in nothing but a diaper, and again a bubble or romper was easy to grab when I needed to take her out the door.  Easy.  That was how I liked it.  So I hope you like it too.




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