Our love for details

It does not take much to make me smile - a pretty photograph, a baby smile, and some beautiful fabrics.  The moment I start sewing and see lovely details come together it fills my heart with joy.   I just cannot design a dress without giving it that something special.

The details are what delivers the perfect story, the perfect picture and the cutest little girl.  No matter how tall she is, or how long her hair may be, the dress in my honest opinion can say a million things.  This is why every detail counts to Kinder Kouture, and why we always strive to give you the best......not the easiest, not the cheapest, or the fastest dress we can sew......but the best quality and detailed outfit we can design.  Here are some of my favorite pictures that show you my AHHHHHHH moments.

 Our Summer Blooms Isabella Dress is a made from a rather simple pattern, and simple fabrics, but when you add the crochet trim, the double skirt with ruffles, and the mix of complimentary fabrics you get "perfection".  You get that adorable little dress with lovely details that makes you just say  AAAAHHH! Well, at least I hope it does.  Our customers have told us that the pictures just don't do this dress justice.  I hope you believe them.  

The Meadow Blooms dress comes in various different shades of colors.  Pink, Yellow, and yes we also have an ivory/pink combination which I have not posted yet.  Here are just a few pictures of how beautiful these fabrics look.

Yellow Blooms


Pink Blooms 

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