Spanish Influence

I am sure everyone has noticed the enormous amount of Spanish babydoll dresses that are appearing all over social media.  You can't help but melt at these vintage style, handmade beauties.  Full of details, very short, and reminiscent of the styles that were worn during the 1950 and 1960 eras.  

We tried to recreate this gorgeous trend with our most recently added Christmas dress - Christmas Plaid Dress.  Yes it is full of details.  We added a beautiful hand crochet trim around the sleeves and chest, as well as some grosgrain ribbon bows for some more "cuteness".  The hem is adorned with a lovely white heirloom Swiss embroidery cotton trim, and a ric-rac ribbon.  So many details, and so lovely.

Needless to say, this dress is a bit more work, and a bit more expensive, but if you treasure something beautiful and traditional, then I am sure you will fall in love with this dress.  Oh, and before I forget, the plaid fabric has a metallic thread that runs through it, giving it a more festive feeling......just perfect for the holiday season.

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