Stop the Clock!

I am having a hard time keeping up this year........time is just flying right by me.  Is that how you feel? 

In less then 14 days, my kids are out of school for the summer.  EEK!  Just the pure thought of getting the kids ready for High School and Middle School next year makes me yearn for time to just stand still for awhile.  Where has the time gone?


On top of everything else, Memorial Day is right around the corner.  I have not even thought of new designs for all these red, white and blue holidays, because I swear Easter just ended. See what I mean?  To make matters worse, we really did not have much of a spring this year.  We jumped from temps in the 60's to 90's in less then two weeks.  It's May?? Much too hot.  I promise I am trying to play catch up and hopefully we will get there soon.  



Both dresses are once again available this year.  I love this fabric which is sort of a tie dye print that goes from Red, White into Blue.  It is bright and colorful and has a paisley print on the fabric.  If you check out our AMERICANA collection, you will also find baby bubbles, shorts, and of course more dresses that will help you celebrate any event in red, white and blue.  Our red and blue gingham dresses are still a favorite among many (as seen in the picture below).  If you think of anything else you want, please drop me a line in the comments section.  

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