Blue Christmas Sparkle Dress

I am so very happy to announce another new Christmas Dress........



Isn't she just beautiful?  We are loving this new pattern, and these gorgeous new fabrics from Stofffabrics.  European designer I was told.  Once we were introduced to each other, we knew we had to buy them.  I am constantly on the lookout for something elegant and unique.  I would say this is it!  The fabric is printed with gold metallic colors, and various shades of blue.  It is simply gorgeous, and the pictures don't do it justice.  I also have the fabric in a red tone, which is just as beautiful.

The pattern has a very full skirt, since it overlaps on the front bodice.  Lots of fabric = lots of twirl.  Every girl knows what that means.  I added the sash to the side seams, so that you can tie in the front or tie it in the back.  Both options look beautiful. 

 I included my ruffled neck, to give the simplistic design a bit more detail, and I decided to make this dress sleeveless.  You know that I am a big fan of layering.  Most of the time, Christmas events take place indoors, and it gets warm.  However, the dress is available with a 3/4 sleeve and it can be ordered.

 I was not kidding about this gorgeous fabric.  It is really something to swoon over.


And of course, we decorated two lovely felt flower headbands that match this dress perfectly.  I hope you like them, and enjoy the blog.  I am off to finish up another order, but I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

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