Blue Daffodil Easter Dress

Easter is only one week away!  Feeling Ready?

No.  Me neither.  No decorations have been put out.  No candy has been bought, and I have no idea what I plan on making for Easter Sunday dinner.  Sad.  Mommy has been absent in this house, and that is about to change.....



However, the mommy entrepreneur has been on fire in this house.  Sewing up a storm for all of our lovely customers.  This weekend we finished up all the Easter Dresses, and on Monday I will be shipping out all but one order.  You have no idea how relieved I am to have met all of our goals.  I am exhausted.  It has been another great Easter season for Kinder Kouture, and I want to thank all of my new customers as well as those of you who have ordered dresses from me for years.  Thank you.  It looks like I will be back for a 13th year.  I am so excited about that.  For those of you who did not buy a dress from me because we booked up so fast, I hope to fix that problem next year.  In the meantime, please remember that Easter is available already in December.  Sign up for our newsletter and always stay informed.

On another note, let me show you some Easter pictures we took of our Blue Daffodil Dress and our little model Zoey.  It was so much fun to take Zoey to the park, and let her run around in her pretty dress.  We had so much fun watching her interact with the grass, the hills, her bunny rabbit and just being a young child on a beautiful day in April.  


It felt so good to get out of the house and feel free for an hour.  Move my legs, and use my camera.   Photographing a toddler that would not sit still was a nice reminder that practice makes perfect, and I still have a long way to go.  In general we got some beautiful shots of this little girl having fun, and I am pleased with the outcome.

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