Bring on the berries....

I always get excited when new fabrics arrive at the door.  This time it was a line of strawberry fabrics perfect for some new summer dresses.  The main fabrics were white and yellow with coordinating fabrics in a strawberry red. Here is a picture of the group with the main strawberry fabric in white.  So pretty!

 May is such a great time for me to design new dresses.  I am not incredibly busy on the weekends, the kids are still in school, and I am highly motivated after sewing so many Easter dresses.  For this new line, I decided to try some new patterns, and I was so pleased when each each dress fit perfectly on the models.  I don't usually like to offer too many different styles.  It just gets too complicated, and since my little girl is not so little anymore, I have to go looking for testers or other models.  

I ended up with three dresses and two bubbles.  It took me an entire three weeks to plan, sew, and photograph everything, but I finally finished and now I can show you almost everything I accomplished.  So drumroll please.......introducing......the Sunshine Strawberry line.  

The models ranged in ages from 16mos-5yrs.  Three adorable little girls that interacted so well with each other.  It was the first time that I photographed more then one subject.  Not the easiest task, and I probably won't do it again until next year.  LOL.  It was a horribly hot and muggy afternoon in Florida, but I was pleased with all the pictures.  No.....let me rephrase....I was ecstatic.  The dresses and bubbles all fit perfectly, and I fell in love with the new designs.  Once the girls were all dressed up and ready to go, I knew that these outfits would sell.  The colors, the patterns, and the prints were a perfect summer staple.

The next three blog entries will detail each dress, and all the lovely pictures we took.   I hope you like them.





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