Bunny Dresses

Each and every time I make one of these Easter dresses for a baby, the more excited I get about the Easter Bunny and the Kinder Kouture dresses they will be wearing.  I always hope my customers will leave me a review, so I know how they feel, and thank goodness most of them send me a little note, or comment on FB.    
I have been making this Sweet Bunny Dress for three consecutive years, and it is still a favorite.  I am not joking.  At this very moment, it is in 15 carts waiting to be bought!  LOL.  I am so happy that I was able to obtain another bolt so I can continue to offer this beautiful baby dress.
I also decided to add a new hair accessory.....oh.....accessories....because I ended up making more then one.....and these will match perfectly to this dress.
Yes, I enjoy using up that last hour of the day to get creative.  Tell me what you think.  I enjoy the comments.

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