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December 02, 2019 3 min read

Happy Thanksgiving!

Forgive me for not posting this blog post before today.  I have been dealing with sick children, and now the big baby is in bed (yes, the husband).  Do you feel my pain?  Giggling just a bit, and yet feeling pretty bad for my husband who can barely breathe without coughing.  He always gets sick after Black Friday.  It is such a strenuous holiday for all employees that have to work.  My heart goes out to them.  It is one reason, why I always stay home with my kids, and decorate the house to get ready for Christmas.   I sincerely hope he will feel better in a few days.

Moving on.........

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  There was some pretty severe weather, and I hope nobody got stuck in an airport or on the roads.   Stay safe and stay warm.

Although Thanksgiving came a bit faster then expected, I was really looking forward to taking a break, hanging out with my kids, and just getting my thoughts together.  It felt really nice to be home, and do what we love to do, which is to cook. My husband and I love to cook.  We combine his american cooking skills with my german recipes, and that usually makes for some good food.  We had a wonderful warm day here in Florida.   Lots of food, and lots of laughs with friends.  That is exactly how I like Thanksgiving to end.  Full of warmth, and joy. 

I also try and get the family to sit still for a Christmas picture.  Don't laugh.  It sounds easy, but that is not always the case.   Last year, we were not successful at all.  I am so happy with what we got, so I thought I would share it with you.  I know the kids don't appreciate it now, but they will one day.  

So what is next? 

Christmas of course.  Yikes.....I have lots of work to do.  Even though I have a full schedule, I am looking forward to working on all these lovely Christmas dresses.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I get to sew, listen to Christmas music, and watch lots and lots of Hallmark movies while I work.  I also get to design new dresses, and take pictures and share pictures. 

A few days before Thanksgiving, I got together with a family who decided to wear one of our new KK creations in red.

Our little model, Spencer (size 6) looked beautiful in our RED CHRISTMAS SPARKLE dress.  Her brother Sawyer, was kind enough to wear a bow tie that matched the dress.  Check out those gold suspenders.  Perfect!  Great job mom.

Together the two children looked wonderful, and we got some lovely shots for their Christmas cards. 

I always like spending a few hours watching the little kids interact, and capturing their personalities.  It is a small break from sewing, and a great way to see the clothing in action.  If these kids feel great in our creations, then I know we passed the ultimate test. 


We created a lovely hair accessory to match the Red Christmas Sparkle Dress.  Lovely shades of red and gold in felt and vinyl.   What a beautiful headband. 

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures, and get ready for a fast and furious December.  I have planned a lot, but as the orders keep coming in over BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY, I may have to cancel a few things .  Oops.  If you have not heard about our great deals this weekend, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  It will help you stay up to date with our latest designs, our specials, and coupons of course.