Remember I told you that there will be two versions of this dress?  Here is my #2 idea.  A lot of color, and a 3/4 sleeve.  Cute, right?  Believe it or not, the decision making process or design process is the longest most painful process of sewing.  I pull all the fabrics from the shelves and come up with way too many ideas each and every time.  My family knows that when things get really bad, I tend to call them all into my studio for a vote...but in this case, I just decided to make more then one dress. 


I am not a big fan of sleeves, which explains why you usually find a lot of sleeveless dresses on my site.  I admit that it makes my job a bit easier, and the price tag a bit lower, but I actually love the layering factor.  As a mom, I can relate to buying something really nice for my daughter and wanting the dress to fit for as long as it can.  I also like the dress to be versatile, so she can wear it to various different places and events.  There you go, my entire philosophy in one paragraph.

As pleased as I am with this Nikita Dress ( a size 4 Ready to Ship), I have no intentions of making another least not like this.  It took a bit longer then expected, and I am afraid that the price tag is going to be too steep for my customers.  Instead, I will be offering a sleeveless version of NIKITA.  

Just as pretty, and just as cute with a smaller price tag.  What is there not to like? For anyone interested in the long sleeve version of this dress, please contact me at for more information.



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