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Simply denim

Simply denim - Kinder Kouture

Now that Easter is done......I can finally slow down and work on my orders at a normal pace.  Yes, I am busy, but the months of May are also filled with lots of mommy duties.  The kids are busy studying for the state exams, finals, and my daughter recently was asked to join the BETA group in her middle school.  This required mommy stepping up to the plate and making some new dresses.  Not just any dresses.  I am competing with every store in the mall, and that is quite a large competitive field.  


Grappling between what fabric to use, and what pattern I should pick, I spent the last two weekends trying to figure out what my teenager wanted.  Not an easy assessment.   My conclusion was that after looking online for days, not even my very opinionated daughter knew what it was she wanted.  Feeling a bit uneasy, I decided to just do what I do best, and design something from the heart.  Simple.  Comfortable.  Classic.  It always does the trick.  

I wasn't looking to create a classic denim dress, but while doing inventory I found this fabric.  It was a perfect choice.  60" wide, children's fabric, soft to the touch and lightweight and such a beautiful shade of blue.  I knew my daughter wanted a circle skirt, so I opted for this gorgeous denim fabric.  The pattern I used was from Little Lizard King called the Sorrento.  Simple, easy to put together, and easy to sew.  The pattern does call for a large amount of fabric, but since the fabric I was using was 60" wide, that was not an issue.

My daughter likes a casual chic.  She would prefer to wear sandals or sneakers, and feel like she can do cartwheels in a dress.  So this dress was a perfect match.  You can pair this dress up with a sweater or a jeans jacket.  You can also wear it during the Fourth of July celebration with a white headband to feel patriotic with red converse sneakers.  Simply Denim is a great choice for the tween.  I know my daughter really liked it.