Sweet and Pink

It is already mid January, and I am just now releasing one of our Valentines Day dresses.  I have been so slow at getting back into the groove of things.  Maybe it was meant to be, since I have enjoyed relaxing with the family.  We have been busy completing some long overdue home projects, and now that my house is clean.....  I am free of clutter .....both in my planner and in my mind.  LOL. It's nice to have peace of mind.

 Introducing our latest dress.....SweetTart Dress.

One of the first things I have to do right after Christmas is grab my kids and haul off about 150 Christmas fabrics to our warehouse.  Sound like fun? No, it is actually no fun at all, and I get these funny faces from my kids the moment I mention it.  The fun part is when we finish, I get to grab all of my Spring and Summer fabrics for the new season.  I just love all the beautiful spring colors and all those lovely floral fabrics.  Florals are definitely my favorite.   While moving everything, I came across two beautiful Valentines Day fabrics that I almost forgot about.

I love this colorful heart-filled fabric.  It's pink, orange, aqua, yellow, red, mint and blue.....Lots of color.  Winter can be sort of drab, so adding a bit of color to my sewing room felt like a breath of fresh air.   And what girl does not love the color pink? Right.

Of course, being a bit out of practice, I ended up with several different versions of this dress.  My FB friends helped me to decide on which one they would choose, so I decided to make two versions of this dress.  The next version will be more aqua tones, and together with the pink and this lovely heart filled fabric, I can't wait to see if you like it.


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