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Amberly - Kinder Kouture

Something pink.....something sweet.

Most of the time, I love the month of March.  I get to create such beautiful dresses for those who enjoy my creativity.  March stands for the first day of Spring.  The sun is shining brightly through my overly large studio windows.  The gloomy days of winter are coming to an end. What is not to love?  I get to work with such gorgeous floral prints in lovely pastel colors, and  our dresses are full of pounce, and layers of ruffles.  All is right with the world.  Aaaaahhhh.........

Introducing Amberly

 The pictures do not do this dress justice......(can I say that.......even though it was me who took them).   This... soft... sweet... almost vintage pink background is gorgeous.  Add a variety of blooms and the pink and white polka dot sash.......Swoon.  My kind of dress.

Now that our Evelyn (Pink) is Out of Stock, this dress will replace it.  Take note of the double flutter.  One of my favorite details.

Matching hair accessories are already in stock and ready to go.  Hope you like our newest addition.  Be sure to leave a comment.



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