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Brianna - Kinder Kouture

I feel horrible that I have not taken a moment to write in several weeks.  I have been crazy busy, and this time I cannot blame work.  2020, as difficult and strange as this year has been (tornado, brush fire, new roof, Hurricane Sally, new fence) , it has been a whirlwind for us.  We have not taken a break since Christmas last year.  So we decided it was time.  We took a break in orders, stopped advertising, and took two weeks off.  It was nice.  Stressful but nice.  I booked every doctor appointment for every member of the family, including the dog.  Orthodontists, pediatricians, Eye Doctors, Flu Shots, LOL.  We met with vendors, did our seasonal fabric switch from warehouse to studio, and completed our taxes just to name a few of our projects.  

So before I got back to work, I told myself that I had to complete at least one new dress for the Fall/Winter 2020 season.  One of my favorite dresses this year was a hand embroidered Easter Dress.  So we decided to recreate the look for Fall and yes Christmas will be coming too.


This is the Fall Brianna Dress.  Isn't she lovely?  Yes, I did make the embroidery design, and I wanted the dress to be classic and sweet.  For the price, I wanted to make the dress extra special.  I added a beautiful new creamy eyelet lace to the entire hem.  In these pics, you will not see a sash.  I can always add a sash to the design at any time.  Some customers want one and some don't, so I just held off until the customer decides. 

The best part about these lovely embroidery designs is that I have a few of them.  They are perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving.  I am sure you will love them.    


So, this is what I decided to do.  I made up the first dress in a size 4, and for the rest I am just going to wait.  These are the embroidery designs available.  Pick and choose your size and your design.  I will make it.  Just send me an email at, so we can discuss details, and please don't wait until the last minute.  Not a good idea, since I am already swamped with Christmas dress orders.

Of course, we have matching hair accessories.

Thanks everyone for reading about our small family owned business.  I promise to keep sharing my creativity whenever I can as long as I know people are interested in "handmade".  

Stay safe and healthy.




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