It's been two very long weeks

here in my life, as it most likely has been for most of you.  Crazy.  That is how I describe it most days.  Although I had planned to work every day in the month of March, as I have always done throughout the years of owning Kinder Kouture,  I was not expecting all this anxiety, and restlessness.  I was not expecting this pandemic.   It is scary.  I am worried about my parents, my friends, and my neighbors.  I am worried about my husband, who works retail and food for the US NAVY.  It is sad what is going on in the world.  I'm sad. 

No matter what, I am still sewing like a madwoman. 

Our machines are buzzing all day.  That will not change.  We are doing a great job of sticking to the schedule we posted on our CALENDAR.  We did take a day off to shop for necessities, and prepare for a possible lockdown.  It was not planned, but under the circumstances, it had to be done.  Washing our hands is part of our everyday routine.........pandemic or not.   We clean off our machines and counter space every night.  Nobody is allowed in this space, 

I just hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in their home. 

Unfortunately, we are all affected by this virus.  It is time to think about our community, our neighbors, and our family.  It is not a time to be selfish.  I am a true believer that social distancing is most likely the only solution to seeing an end to this disruption of our daily lives.  We started ordering food via the internet almost two weeks ago.  I like to watch international news, and the stories coming out of Europe were just devastating, and not getting better.  I had a feeling the kids were most likely not going back to school.  Scary yes, especially because my schedule was full without the kids.  So as a mom in desperate need of a fun solution, I decided to buy them a Ping Pong Table for Spring Break.  It brings back fond memories of when I was a child, and how my family would play for hours.  This thing folds up, so we can wheel it into the house, or outside near the pool.  They can play outside with a friend, and keep their distance.  As you can see, my kids are having a great time playing.  It is a nice distraction, and keeps them off of their devices. 


I have plans to do something good

for the community as soon as my workload gets back to normal.  I want to sew masks, or maybe volunteer.  I also need to look into homeschooling the kids just in case they don't finish up the school year.  So much to do, and so much to think about.  It is depressing, but we all need to remember the good things in life.  The happy moments.  This will end.  Things will get back to normal.  We need to remember that no matter how anxious we feel, we have to thank those that are still giving to our communities, working long hours, and going above and beyond what is expected of them.  We need to breathe deeply and remember all that we are grateful for. 

Just keep smiling.......

that is what I tell my kids....if not for yourself, then for all of those people who need those smiles right now.

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