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You may notice that pictures of my embroidery fun weekend have vanished or are not showing anymore.  The reason is simple.....I was asked by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co. to remove the pictures immediately.  Although  I had purchased this embroidery design, I was not allowed to photograph what I had accomplished and keep them on my business blog.  So be it.  They have been removed.  I am a true believer that our actions in life always pay forward, and I believe I did the right thing.  I would never want to hurt anyone's handmade business, and thus I will just continue to embroider my own designs as I have done in the past.  Stay tuned for some beautiful new designs for Fall 2021.



Summer madness is finally receding, which is giving me a few moments to breathe, and enjoy a creative moment here and there.  I do so enjoy pulling fabrics, and trims and preparing for some new dresses to be released.  Now that the kids are back in school (virtually), I get to really have some uninterrupted time.  So sweet and precious.  It's been a long crazy year.



We have been working on new embroidery designs (machine), and although I think they can enhance a base colored dress, I do love a beautiful hand embroidered timeless vintage style dresses too.  Our Easter dresses this year were a hit, and we sold each and every one of them that included handmade embroidery.  So I am working on some new ideas for Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas.  I will be making up various sizes, so if anyone has a special wish, please get them in early.


My husband is sharing my workroom with me while he builds shelving that extends across an entire wall up to the ceiling for more fabric and trim storage.  Once he finishes next week, we will be spending a little time moving in our Fall and Winter Fabrics for the upcoming season.  It will be a tough week, especially on my back, but as always I love to discover some old and new prints that pair up nicely for some new dresses.  

For example, the dark burnt orange is a linen fabric that I received in January.  The quality is gorgeous, and I had almost forgotten about it.  It really looks great with the creamy eyelet and embroidery design. This is what gets me motivated. 

So without further comment, I am headed back to work.  See you all soon.  P.S.  Don't forget our FREE SHIPPING ends on 9/15.  That is an $8-$10 savings!

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