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Wedding Surprise

Wedding Surprise - Kinder Kouture

Oh happy day!  A cute new dress. 

I am so happy that I finally feel like things are getting back to normal.  This year has just turned out to be really crazy!  I am quoting my 13-year old, and she is right.  I consider the world to be floating upside chaos.  What do you think?

Nothing has gone the way it was supposed to go this year.  I can't even remember the last time I posted, or designed something.  It seems like forever.  One minute I was in a crazy Easter race to the finish line, and the next thing I know the kids are sent home, and our life and the way we know it is frantic and turned upside down. It has been a whirlwind. 

In our case, dealing with COVID19 was only part of our life.  We also had to deal with a tornado and a week later a very large brush fire that got out of control and burned 5000 acres of land in our small town.  The tornado happened one week, ripping off the roofs on 50% of the houses in our neighborhood, including ours.  The following week we had the brushfire.  We received evacuation notices, and lost our electricity every day for an entire week.  The anxiety has been a bit overwhelming to say the least. 

The good news is that nobody got hurt. I've been dealing with contractors, insurance adjusters and all kinds of people going in and out of the house.   It was frightening, and stressful.  Absolutely crazy times.....I won't even get into a discussion about this little hurricane that is spinning over our head right now.  I know......really really CRAZY times.

I can't complain about business because things have been moving along very nicely considering.........  Our customers have been wonderful, leaving us such nice reviews.  As a matter of fact, we decided it was time to pay back so many of you for your loyalty.  Our REWARDS program is in full swing, and I hope you take advantage of it.  Sign up, and gather those points. You will get a nice reward.  It is worth it.  If you have any questions, please ask or chat with me anytime.  

 So let's get to our new dress....

This weekend, I was asked to make two flower girl dresses for a black and white wedding.  What a beautiful idea.  When I mentioned that I had a larger gingham print, our customer loved the idea.  I am always a bit nervous designing things in my head, and not having the time to test the product.  In this case, we already know that the pattern is a great fit, but this was the first time I made this pattern in such a large gingham print.  I loved the end result.   The dresses were adorable.  A black and white dress for a little girl that can look formal, and casual at the same time........what is there not to love?

Matching hair bows are also available........

Thanks for letting me ramble on.  I enjoy taking the time to blog about our hiccups, and ups and downs.  I also love sharing pictures and ideas with all of my blog followers.  This is one vintage styled dress that I think will sell really well to everyone who loves handmade children's clothing.  It can be worn with white sneakers, sandals or shoes in the fall.  You can layer the dress with a t-shirt or wear it as-is during the summer and fall months.  

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