A little something…..Baby Rose in Blue




Happy Mother’s Day!  I was a bit busy this weekend, in case you had not noticed.  On Saturday I got an email that told me my website was not working.  I built this website myself with the help of a very good designer and WordPress, so I know that when something goes wrong that is never a good thing.  I am not a web designer, or a programmer, so I have had to teach myself everything about HTML and all that other good stuff.  I realized that I was behind in updating some of my software, so I gave it a shot, and before I knew it …..BAM….CRASH…..it all disappeared.  Well, I learned my lesson last time, and make sure that everything is backed up every day, so that was not a problem.  Still it took almost all of Saturday night, and most of Sunday to figure out what was wrong, and what caused it all to come tumbling down.  My Mother’s Day was not  a barrel of laughs, even though my kids did such a great job of drawing me pictures, and serving me breakfast in bed.  How’s that for some “queen bee” treatment?  I loved it.

As usual, my weekend was spent working, but I just had to show you this little cutie.  It is the Baby Rose dress in blue.  Isn’t it just precious?  Of course, to me all the little dresses are adorable, and this is a birthday dress for a very special little girl.  I loved the way it turned out, so I thought I would take a few pictures and share.  The colors as well as this lovely Tanya Whelan rose print is just darling, but that bow…….well that is the cherry on top of the icing for me.   The buttons at the shoulders are the same fabric as the bow.  Believe it or not, the pattern for this dress runs up to a size 8, so I added the bigger sizes to my website for those of you that like this style of dress.  I can tell you that I am fond of this dress.  Here is Olivia in her dress last year.  I added a bit of length to it, so she could wear it to school.  It is a very flattering dress with a wide twirly skirt..  Cute…cute…cute.



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